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You’re Not Gonna Find Yourself a Cheerleader. If You’re Looking for One, You’re Part of the Problem!

I HATE the cheerleader song. Absolutely loathe and HATE IT. If you haven’t heard this song on the radio, here’s a sample of the lyrics: “Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader She is always right there when

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Mr. Blog Post Inspiring Jerk

Image by Fimb CC 2.0 I’ve just been rejected by one of two publishing opportunities I applied to. A big. Fat. Rejection. Although I’m pretty sure a generic rejection email within one business day means nobody read or considered anything that

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Save Me From Myself!

Photo by Draco2008 CC 2.0 I admit it. I’m afraid of the dark. I still think there might be monsters in my closet, and if the light is already turned off, I have to get a running start to jump onto

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If There’s a Prize For Rotten Judgement…

I’ve spent much of my life singing my heart out. In choir… in church… in a rock band… belting out “Just A Girl” in front of the mirror as I pretended to be Gwen Stefani — oops, did I say

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Happy Birthday To Me, I’m Turning Nineteen…

I love it when my husband surprises me or plans something — although I don’t know if he’s caught on to that premise yet. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or grandiose surprise… just the idea of knowing he

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I’m From the Congo…???

The first time I met my husband, was on our first date. We had been matched online, and I hadn’t wanted to go on a date with any of my other matches — and found some of them a little

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I Will Love You and Honor You All the Days of My Life

                    We married in a civil ceremony a few years ago, and recently had a wedding in our church, with all four of our kids in the ceremony. In the months

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It was 10 pm, I had just finished putting the last kid to bed (and hopefully he stayed that way!), and was on my way downstairs to finish folding the last two out of four loads of laundry I’d done

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Love Is NOT a Feeling

The movies really get it wrong. Of course, I love a romantic story as much as the next girl, but it’s dangerous to believe that — in real life — relationships are lifelong, endless romance.  We are setting ourselves up

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Measuring Tough

I have long been convinced that women are the tougher sex.  Sure, men have their brute strength — but I woke up EVERY hour with an infant who had chronic ear infections EVERY night for a YEAR.  How many men do THAT?  I

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