Update Addressing Northstar Assault

This is an update to my earlier post about being assaulted at Northstar in front of my 9 year-old.

I called the police the day of the assault (from the friend’s house we were staying at, not from the resort, as I had been threatened not to call police to the resort). I reached an answering service for the Placer County Sheriff and left a message about what happened. The next day was when I was able to speak with an actual officer who wrote up the police report. 

Here is the police report number. It can be found on this website – http://www.crimemapping.com/map/CA/PlacerCounty

Case Number: 160002096

Date: 2/25/2016 2:30 PM


Description: Assault/ Battery

Northstar will not release the man’s name. Without it I can’t press criminal charges. I filed a police report. My attacker did not. 

I’ve been asked to publicly post a description of the man who assaulted me. Many have messaged me or commented that they would like to find the man and harm him as he harmed me. While I appreciate that people want to help me, I will not publicly post a description of the man. I don’t want him physically harmed.

What did I say before the man threatened and assaulted me?

“Hey! You almost knocked my son off the pipe! You have to be careful… he’s only 9 and you could’ve hurt him really bad. You can’t ride like that.”

The man’s violent response both shocked and terrified me. He didn’t want anyone telling him anything. After he assaulted, threatened and grabbed me, I absolutely was yelling at him — to get off me and leave me alone! He wouldn’t.

I was assaulted on a Thursday afternoon on a very warm day… 57 degrees in South Lake Tahoe… the lift line was not crowded… there were very few people going through the maze, possibly 2 other people getting on the lift when the assault started and those people were already well past us… people were going through the maze intermittently, but it was overall pretty empty. The lift operator I speak of in my post was the lift operator in charge of the maze, not the one standing next to the chair to load people. It’s extremely telling that the only person who witnessed the entire thing from start to finish — a 9 year-old — who was saying over and over, “That guy screamed at me, almost ran into me, got on my mom, screamed at her and then punched her” was told by the security team that he cannot give a statement because he’s a minor. 

There are several posts on Reddit about what happened. A group of users speaking extremely negatively of me… all of their user accounts were created that day. They’re fake accounts being used only to trash me on the internet. People have also messaged me saying they were banned from local groups after trying to advocate for me, and that Northstar and Vail Resorts are deleting every comment on their Fb pages about the assault. Some of the same profiles who are posting to Facebook are submitting the exact same comments repeatedly to my blog under different names.



















We were not on a fancy vacation. We were staying with friends (for free) to film and photograph Wes in demo jackets for one of his sponsors. I drove 26 hours from Iowa — much of it while Wes slept in the car — to get to Lake Tahoe.

This is not a publicity stunt. I’ve written this blog for a few years now… extended family and close friends read it to see what our family is up to. If you’ll notice, there’s not a single advertisement on my blog. I receive nothing for post clicks.

My son has been privileged with being a brand ambassador since he was 3 years old. His snowboarding has gotten him plenty of attention. Wes gains nothing from me speaking out about being assaulted. I tried for 3 and a half weeks to speak with Northstar and Vail about a resolution to all of this. I’m sharing what happened to us as a last resort. I’m standing up for myself and my son and saying it’s not right what happened.

I’m receiving communication now from friends of people supposedly involved and being threatened to stay out of the Tahoe area. This perfectly illustrates the violence and intimidation that this group of people believes is okay. This is what I’m standing up to. This is why I’m sharing what happened.

I’ve also received many supportive messages and for those I am very thankful.



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211 comments on “Update Addressing Northstar Assault
  1. Elliot says:

    seriously, is there anyway we can help? This situation is quite outrageous. I’m extremely outraged at Vail Resorts for allowing this.

    Please let me know if your son needs some snowboarder kids/coaches to ride with in colorado. Copper mountain is the best with the best pipe too. Team Summit might be able to get y’all passes

    [email protected]

    • old shred says:

      This looks like a classic case of soccer mom gone wild. This is crazy, you had a 3? YES Three year old snowboarding ambassador from Iowa? What the hell is that? Now he is six and you have to drive 26 hours to take pictures of him on a mountain in some snowboard clothes.
      Here’s what I smell your kid was floundering in the pipe, someone yelled dropping in and you got all crazy on him. He told you to get bent ,as he should, and you chased him down because he might have run into your kid who had no business in a pipe anyways.
      It crazy soccer mom’s like you that have no business on the mountain or anywhere near your kid.

      • Rosie says:

        So you’re saying she deserved to be physically assaulted (PUNCHED in the FACE by a grown MAN) because she was trying to stand up for her son- wait I’m sorryX because she didn’t want her son knocked off a pipe and to fall 20 feet? It’s because of disgusting people like you that this has happened and has not been dealt with properly.

        • SnowMom says:

          Her’s on is 9… You obviously know nothing about snowboarding with children. As a certified instructor I can tell you many kids have every right to be in the pipe and can handle it better than half the asshole tourists that don’t have a clue what they are doing. Based on the fact this kid is sponsored I’m confident he belongs in the pipe and was safely waiting his turn to drop. We see it all the time, adults bullying kids because the think ‘it’s just a kid’. Even if this mother in any way over reacted (which my guess is she didn’t) it does not give anyone the right to physically assault her. Nor does it give Northstar the right to make the judgement call they did!

      • Amanda says:

        You’re one of them. Shut it

      • Eric says:

        Old Shred,

        Are you fucking serious? You’re defending a dude who punched a tiny woman? What kind of fucked up parents did you have where you can think punching a girl is okay?

        How jacked up in the head must you be to present twisted logic where a woman deserved to be assaulted in front of her own son?

        And how cowardly are you that you can’t even leave your real name?

        Get bent.

        Eric Chen
        CPT, IN, US Army, (ret)

      • johan Plankster says:

        Wes can shred better than most Tahoe ‘pros’.
        Get a clue, watch the videos. The kid is pro because of mom. I’d like to see you trow back flips like Wes, except I don’t want to see you break you neck.
        This is a case of Vail covering for a thug, again…
        Vail has a history.

      • Audrey says:

        Her son is 9 and is an amazing mini-shredder who can hang in any pipe. He’s been sponsored and a brand ambassador since he was 3.

        I guess reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit, is it.

      • A Dad says:

        You are absolutely delusional.

      • Tim says:

        I watched the video of Wes snowboarding and find it unlikely that he was ‘floundering’ on the slopes. The kid has skills and most certainly knows what he’s doing. Danelle, I really hope that you follow through so this guy and Northstar/Vail get what they deserve.

      • Dana says:

        No, what you smell is your own a** ’cause you’re talking out it. Sit down.

      • Karen says:

        Regardless of how she behaved, it is never — I repeat — NEVER okay to assault another human being. Unless a person is defending themselves from physical assault, for him to punch her in her face is criminal assault. Period. Even if she was screaming at him, that does not excuse him physically assaulting her. Period.

      • Ashley says:

        This must be the guy that punched her or works at the resort. You seriously need help, old shred.

      • noneya says:

        If it would’ve been me he would have a 9mm in his chest

      • A dad says:

        Are you serious? You’ve got to be quite a dick to defend some guy who punches a woman. Grow up and get some values.

      • Father Time says:

        Don’t act like such a fucking Faggot. I love running into fucks like you.

      • Efonz says:

        Go F yourself you douche bag. It’s never ok to assault a woman, ever. I despise you idiots on the mountains talking shit, getting wasted. I hope you and all those jerks crash into a tree, morons.

      • T says:

        Go to hell Old Shred! Asshole!

      • Colleen Patricia Williams says:

        WTF is wrong with you???
        I’m guessing you like assaulting women too.
        Look, ssswipe, you have no place on the mountains.

      • Jeff says:

        First off, as you are blasting away read the story! Get the facts straight. Not 6 but 9, the young man is 9, the son is 9, the kid on the snowboard is 9.

      • Rad_dad says:

        This comment is probably the fuckturd who did this!

      • MariaT says:

        What are you, a Neanderthal? Even if everything that looks suspicious about her is true, since when is it acceptable for adults to hit ANYONE? I live in this area and we take GREAT PRIDE in the hospitality we extend to visitors. This behavior is NOT acceptable for anyone. Human beings do NOT treat other human beings this way, regardless of the antecedent conditions. Anyone who believes otherwise should be given a one way ticket to Syria for an education in barbarian living advantages.

      • Effie says:

        Read what she wrote, dumbass.

      • Ricki Ryan says:

        If you had looked at the video, it appears as if the kid is a natural athlete, and potential pro-snowboarder…he was not floundering on the slopes as you and trying to portray. I think you are not just OLD, but RUDE, INCONSIDERATE, SNARKY AND A GIANT A$$!

      • Tommy says:

        Fuck you old shred,as you are not what real snowboarders represent….why would a 9 year old not be allowed in pipe…..why should she be told to get bent…..you can’t even use a real word loser….I wish people like you skied so they could have a bad name…..I bet he’s better than you…..just cause your a mid twenties wigger don’t mean your old shred

    • Stephen says:

      Danielle’s account infuriated me, and wanting to help I shared it on facebook. Someone replied to me with an article on the incident. Hopefully now the authorities are involved this can get resolved. http://www.tetongravity.com/story/news/mother-assaulted-at-northstar-resort

    • Lust says:

      She a fucking liarhttp://www.northstarcalifornia.com/northstar-experience/about-us/guest-letter-3.24.16.aspx

      • Steven W says:

        That Letters a sham/bullsht. there just covering up sht to make them self’s look good, it happens all the time. Don’t always believe what a large company says, they have the money to do just about anything, since legally if they don’t cover things up they have the most to loose in a law-suit.

    • Larry Gilbert says:

      Ok so here is the real deal, little dude hit the pipes, his mom is awesome for getting him out and training, what the 6′ asshole should have done was help out not be a total dick. It’s people like that who make me sick. And I will not not go to a vail resort until this gets resolved. I have better things to do beside waste my money on a bunch of women bashers… Keep on shredding little man, your mom took one to the face for you to shred! And same on ANYONE who just sat there and watched it happen. I along with the captain and a former service member.

      SGT Gilbert
      Former Infantry

  2. Harold says:

    “Northstar and Vail Resorts are deleting every comment on their Fb pages about the assault” Facebook is the wrong place for making sure that this kind of discuss stays unhidden. I suggest Twitter. They can’t delete your posts there.

  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for the update. Many of us are standing with you and doing everything we can to let Northstar and Vail Resorts know that we’re not going away, and they’re going to have to talk about this.

  4. lydie says:

    i’ll be curious to know who he is… his repeated “you don’t know who you’re messing with” and the treatment he’s been granted makes me wonder if he is some kind of celebrity or just a “son of”. if a celebrity athlete maybe his sponsor would be interested in the story…
    if you can recognize his face try and look at registered snowboarders in the Vail resorts and clubs…
    that’s the national list but maybe his is more local…

    • Robin Short says:

      I was wondering the same thing, I know it’s not the pro boarder who used to ride there and call it his mountain…but whom? I’ve met a lot of young rad snowboard types who also gentleman, this was not one of them ):

    • Tami says:

      Smart advice!

  5. Sarah Johns says:

    Hi Danelle,
    My name is Sarah Johns, and I’m the evening news anchor for the ABC affiliate in Reno-Tahoe. We are very interested in your story of assault at one of our ski resorts, and would like to interview you… either by Skype, or we have a sister station in Cedar Rapids. (Are you anywhere nearby?)
    You wouldn’t believe the number of mothers who have e-mailed me, wondering why we haven’t spoken with you or told your story. Please consider contacting me so we can further tell your story.


  6. C Liu says:

    It’s time to lawyer up. Punitive & damages. Pain & suffering. Criminal charges. Negligence. Find a good pro-bono lawyer. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you find a good lawyer.

    • Sarah says:

      But she has already stated, she can’t file criminal charges without the man’s name, and Northstar won’t release it.

      • RS says:

        If she files a civil suit against Northstar, she can demand that Northstar produce the the name of the offender during discovery.

        • G says:

          Exactly, thank you, RS. Assuming this story is true, Vail needs to be held accountable for this and the discovery process will turn up the man’s name along with many, many other pieces of information including internal correspondence during Vail’s 10-day delay in responding to her and the correspondence between Vail and Northstar (or internally within Northstar) to assess the situation, etc. Something about this smells funny to me. A competent plaintiff’s attorney will almost certainly take a quick look at this case for free – especially with the publicity around it – and may even take it on contingency if they feel good about it.

          • Dana says:

            Your average Midwestern mom isn’t familiar with the ins and outs of suing the pants off someone because despite America’s reputation to the contrary, most of us DON’T go around suing people for every imagined little slight. No need to think anything smells funny, she just may not really know what to do yet. Try not to be unhelpful if you don’t mind.

        • Amy Peterson-Mar says:

          Exactly!!!!! Go for it. Get a great lawyer who can poke a lot of holes. Cannot wait to see how this turns out. I’m rootin’ for the 5’2″ mom who told a bro to cut it out.

      • Mainer says:

        Sarah, “It’s time to lawyer up. Punitive & damages. Pain & suffering. Criminal charges. Negligence. Find a good pro-bono lawyer.” these all refer to civil action, not criminal, for which the standards are different. Even w pro-bono lawyer, expenses add up, and the larger (deeper pocket) the defendant the harder (more expensive) it will be for her to pursue. Spreading the truth, it going viral with implied “Northstar/Vista unsafe for women” message is the only way to hit these guys in the wallet. Without women, no families, without single wonen, no men…. The problem with telling themselves and their buddies that women are their bitch is they forget in real life we’re nobody’s bitch. #nailtheirasses

        • Linda Malone says:

          Those are my thoughts exactly! It’s way past lawyer time! Gloria Allred loves these kinds of cases and does lots of pro bono work!! So not cool!!

        • Esq. says:

          Mainer, please don’t give legal advice if you don’t know what you’re talking about. No disrespect, it can just harm someone unintentionally.

          A civil suit would be a tort action, and they are almost universally taken on contingent fees. It wouldn’t cost the plaintiff a dime until she won.

          The best way to get the full story is to file a civil suit. You can use discovery to get more information about who he was and what employees and management did and said in the days after. Definitely look into that.

          Sorry this happened to you. Nobody should have to fear for their safety on the mountain.

      • Jeff says:

        The da’s office files criminal charges. She’s already done her part in filing the police report.

      • MariaT says:

        That doesn’t matter. If Northstar revoked her pass, it was a punitive action for reporting it to the Placer County Sheriff. Northstar cannot do this. The fact the series of events occurred and she was seen being punched and was discouraged from reporting the assault puts Vail Resorts in a position of liability. Stupid decision. Sue their asses. Harboring criminals should result in consequences. I don’t care what sperm created them, they belong in a prison.

        • Jeff says:

          … There are disparate processes for criminal charges (“they belong in prison”) and civil (what you call “punitive”). For criminal charges the DA files (someone could receive a fine, probation, jail and/or prison). For civil (i.e. she wants monetary value from Vail or the man who allegedly punched her) she should get a lawyer.

      • Ricki Ryan says:

        She can file a lawsuit against the Resort chain and a good lawyer will be able to file a law brief supporting her claims without the name of the bully/assaulter and charge the resort with obstruction, and then the lawyer for the resort would have to turn over ALL records of assaults and complaints etc. during discovery. Chances are the resort will “settle” out of court rather than get more bad press. I would also take my case to the media….maybe a snowboarding magazine reporter, or other investigative report type. They are always looking for stories….

  7. Katie Park says:

    I am so sorry you were treated so horribly at a Lake Tahoe resort. I grew up learning go ski and snowboard on those mountains. They hold a special place in my heart. But not I am disgusted to say that. I pray that Northstar and Vail resorts do something about this. And I pray your for your family as well. Again I am so sorry. And thank you for making a stand.

  8. SANTA CLAUS says:


  9. Sue says:

    You need to sue North Star and Vail Resorts. Once they feel threatened they may release the man’s name!

  10. Kelcey says:

    I would contact news outlets and media, even national outlets. You have a police report so it’s not just your word against theirs. This violent behavior is obviously a trend so more people will come forward with their stories, they just have to know they aren’t alone. #justiceforshredmom

  11. Sean Michael Wiley says:

    I believe the only explanation is some investors kid, hill favorite, or managements children are involved.

    Have the police or your attorney given you direction on obtaining a court order for the name of the perp to be supplied by NorthStar?

    I am shocked and outraged that these people new to the North Lake Area have corrupted it so badly. I love Tahoe, it is home, always has been. The population the last few years is growing terrible. Serious lack of respect for one another. Lock my doors at night now too 🙁 once again I apologize on behalf of my community. I have asked placer county to take a hard look at our skier code and update it. Thank you for fighting the good fight.

  12. sfgal says:

    This is awful. Normally, I don’t believe filing a law suit is a proper response but, in this case, I would definately suggest that this mom do so.

  13. Brandy says:

    I know it doesn’t help the traumatic experience you and your son had to deal with, but I just want to tell you how brave you are for sharing! ? From a fellow Iowan (even though I don’t live there anymore). Proof we’re raised much better than some. Stay strong! Lots of love!

  14. Willow Maya says:

    You should file a civil suit against Northstar and John Doe. Then subpoena Northstar for information regarding the assault – including John Doe’s name. Then take them both for all they are worth, and then some!!

  15. Tony Magallanez says:

    Hello Danelle,
    After reading your story, I find it incredible that you’d be treated with such disrespect. It actually prompted me to submit your story to “7 On Your Side”. It’s a Bay Area consumer advocacy program that the local San Fran ABC news affiliate puts on. I pointed them to your post. I think that the only way Northstar/Veil is going to act is if they are forced to by negative press. Please take some time to follow up with them:

    Let’s see if we can get them involved. It would be nice to see some justice served here.

    Tony Magallanez

  16. Leanne says:

    There is no way there would be a lift operator directing the maze when it was empty like you said. Too many holes in your story! And your son does benefit from this story- his FB page is up to almost 3,000 likes when it was at 130 when the story first broke.

    • G says:

      You’re actually quite wrong about this. Resorts (including Northstar and others) have pass-checkers in mazes all the time, even on a Thursday when no one is there. It’s not about directing traffic at all – it’s about scanning passes and catching free-loaders.

      • John says:

        North star definately does that they checked mine on a wed evening a few years ago when me and some buddies went there

    • Another_snowboarding_mom says:

      Wow, Leanne, you know that’s a crock of shit. I worked at Tahoe resorts for a decade teaching snowboarding all winter long and I’ve seen plenty of times it was dead as fuck with people still standing there directing mazes. Bad scheduling, someone needs hours, or whatever it does happen.

      Why would you even select such a ridiculous point to contend in this story?

      I’ve also seen assholes who were high or mentally ill (Tahoe has no end of both and plenty of crossover between the two) do stupid, violent things on the hill and I’ve witnessed management try to gloss over problems for “special” people. I don’t doubt this lady’s story one damned bit.

      • MariaT says:

        Professionally, I would suspect it was a meth user or more likely, someone shooting up testosterone. Both make a person become hyper activated and aggressive while distorting their own perception of their aggressive behavior. They are very dangerous.

    • Howard says:

      Your an asshole.

    • johan Plankster says:

      Have you watched Wes shred? No, no you have not. If you did you would have liked his Fbook too. Maybe you are jelly?

    • Colleen Patricia Williams says:

      Um, yeah, lift operators do direct stuff. Why do you think her being assaulted is ok?

    • Chris says:

      Did any one get a screen grab of this?? Looks like it’s been taken down already?!

    • Rachel says:

      It’s rediculous how Beth Howard uses the victim’s full name in her letter, but never even gives the first name of the male who assaulted her!! Definitely some kind of cover-up happening here. I sure hope you get to the bottom of it and why they are protecting this horrible man. You deserve justice!

      • L R says:

        Yes, good ol boys club at it again. Definetly a cover your ass bogus investigation and unprofessional response from the resort.

    • Nancy says:

      Just read the “open letter” by Beth Howard of Northstar. Someone is in denial. If indeed this is a cover-up of the facts by Northstar, it would be in the best interest of the public that the real facts be given the light of day.

      Keep fighting!

    • kris says:

      This is out of control The fact that the VP and General Manager is trying to substantiate that this woman was the aggressor is a bit mind boggling. She is all of 5 feet maybe and he’s over 6 feet. Hard to believe. Ms. Howard would have been better off saying we continue to look into the matter. I’m disgusted by this entire story.

  17. Jefe says:

    You do realize there’s a whole lot of proof against what your claiming right? You sad sad, crazy lying ass cunt, it’s sooo obvious your spouting total bullshit, because Vail will never side with a local/park rat over a family, even if he was In the right, please don’t come to CO, we don’t need any more insane Jerry’s at he mountains up here, bitch.

    • Chris says:

      You’re a real stand up guy. I bet your mom is proud of you! Why are you so bitter and so eager to condone violence and call names? Even if this woman is lying, which she isn’t, namecalling is classless and disgusting and it doesn’t get either side anywhere.

    • Jon says:

      You’re such a cool guy threatening people over the internet.

    • Chris says:

      So sick of seeing bogus comments like yours with absolutely NO “proof” provided. You’re disgusting. Go back to school, and get some manners while you’re at it.

    • Mountain.gypsy says:

      How is there any proof against her story? I live in a mountain town in the Midwest and the locals do treat out-of-towners like this, and worse, and get away with it on the regular. Sounds like you’re just as much an entitled trustafarian as the guy who attacked her. If she learns anything from this, I hope that it’s to never let her son snowboard in Colorado again in hopes of preventing him from turning into a disrespectful douche like yourself…calling a woman a cunt? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • ThanksForMeetingEveryLowExpectationIHaveForYou says:

      I have no idea if this story is true or false. I have a tough time believe it is all made up. Then I see a response like your and I can see what this woman and her son dealt with. It’s pretty clear you are a disgusting person and I can only hope you never have a daughter or wife that you speak to in this way. Stay classy.

    • Jen says:

      Wow. The language, the bad attitude. You just made her story all the more believable. Go ahead, call me names like that to. You need something to make your pathetic ass to feel better. But guess what a real man doesn’t call a woman thoses names and if you where my kid you would know better because I would have taned your punk ass.

    • Kristen says:

      Jefe, as a resident of Colorado, your post is embarrassing, inappropriate, and concerning. I’ll be praying for you.

    • Coco says:

      Ah, swearing and calling names I see! What an upstanding example! Your vague comments and trolling should be completely believed. Thank you for all you do, brave citizen!

    • Anne says:

      So Jefe Why did you or your buddy physically assault this woman? Obviously you’re a part of it or you wouldn’t post something so vile, particularly since it clearly shows your lack of education.
      If you weren’t there you need to shut up and if you were, and truly believe she was not assaulted, why not give her the name she needs?

    • Victoria says:

      Trolling much? Please behave with respect, no matter what your opinions are in regards to whether this happened or not. I hope for your sake that your mother, sister or wife never get treated like this, to then be called a “sad, crazy lying ass cunt” for speaking up. In fact, this makes me think that you may have been the guy on the slope. Hits close to home, dude?

      For your own sake, you may want to take an anger management class, or two.

    • Cristin says:

      wow…shameful to talk to a woman in that way. Does your Mother know you speak to women in such a derogatory and degrading way? Steer clear of Jefe if you ever make your way to Colorado, ladies! You weren’t there and you are now giving a bad reputation to your fellow Colorado citizens, who I am sure have more class than you. Please come to Utah with your mini shredder, Danielle. We will treat you and your son with respect. I am so sorry you were assaulted and your son witnessed it.

    • Stephanie says:

      What proof was provided? This is another party’s account. The closest thing to proof that has been provided is the police report that supports what she said.

    • Cmore says:

      Get a education so you can express your self with so sense of respect for other people. You are a bully and certainly someone who identifies with this man who asked a women. Nothing she could do, would make it ok to hit her. Keep in mind some day in your life a real man will hold you under water long enough, that you quit being an butt hole.

    • Lana says:

      You must be the piece of shit prick that’s so fucking coward he had to hit a woman. You sound just like the fucking asshole in this story. Calling a woman a cunt and a bitch. You have little dick syndrome that’s the only way to explain your behavior. Were you butt raped as a child and now hitting women is the only way you can feel better about your pathetic life, “bitch”? The world hates you and the pathetic people who condone your behavior. Stop bullying his woman, your response makes it clearly obvious she’s telling the truth, look at how you’re talking, just like she said. Go suck your own dick you fucking loser.

    • you're screwed jefe says:

      What will be fun is during discovery all of the comments get placed or tracked DNS and your names get published. Easy to hide behind the internet muscles but when a little light shines on you – uh oh! Published and let everybody know what a lowlife you are. This will be fun.

    • Stephanie says:

      Your vulgar language really hurts your credibility (as does your inability to form a grammatical sentence). Why not try talking–and thinking–like a grownup?

    • Ugghh says:

      Wow, such language. Did you train at the potty mouth school? For someone who has no involvement in this event you sure have a lot of disrespectful things to say. Regardless of whether you believe someone’s story, your response demonstrates a lack of maturity. I hope you don’t treat women in your family this way. So disappointing.

    • G says:

      What’s this proof? Point me to it. I’ll read it.

    • Sluggo says:

      Although Vail doesn’t like locals at all, they fear semi famous park rats with a huge Instagram followings. Even worse for her, they will defend their brand at all cost and she attacked their brand.

    • Summit shredder says:

      You got nothin bro and you know it. You’re going DOWN.

    • Roseville mom says:

      Jefe, are you close to your mom or grandma? If so, please show her your posts. I’m sure she’ll be proud, not.

    • Holla says:

      “Jefe” you’re an idiot. And you shod like you dropped out of school when you were 10. You are nothing but a shit stain in society. CO doesn’t want you.

    • Snowfox says:

      $10 says this is the guy who did it. Can anyone else think of any other reason someone would say such terrible things to a woman he doesn’t know?

    • None of your business says:

      Omg clean your stupid mouth up and don’t presume your horrible attitude represents Colorado you disgust me

    • Melissa says:

      Hey Jefe. I’m out in South Lake every two months. Send me your real name and we will see how tough you are. You’re not even a real local. Kisses – another Cunt who will be happy meet you

    • RS says:

      Hey Jefe, I live in the mountains of Colorado, don’t speak for anyone else but yourself. I, for one, would love to have such a brave, wonderful, dedicated mother living amongst my family. Not rude people like yourself.

    • Diz says:

      This idiot has no idea how the internet works

    • Carl says:

      Jefe people like you need to leave CO, you don’t represent us. We do not need an egotistical uneducated low life who believes its ok to hit a women, “pig” such as yourself residing here . Grow up act your age. You are the one who needs help!

    • John says:

      Its because of a holes like u that people dont want to believe that there is still good in this world i bet your mom would be proud of you calling a mother and decent woman a c$nt you should act like a man and stick up for a lady and a mom not like a prissy little boy grow up shit head

    • Gina says:

      Hmm,Jefe. You sound exactly like the asshole that assaulted her. Get the fuck out of here, loser.

    • Colleen Patricia Williams says:

      Pony Ut up, asswipe. Pony up the proof or STFU.

    • MariaT says:

      Your language is giving you away. You do realize this blogger can track you down, right? The Internet is not as anonymous as you may think. Perhaps you are the perp. If you aren’t, you are cognitively challenged and should be under observation for substance abuse. Some of us are trained to spot this, you know.

  18. Amanda says:

    I would encourage you to take your story to both the Sacramento Bee and the San Francisco Chronicle. If you want your story to get some momentum and for real action to take place, Vail Resorts can’t back down from full media coverage in northern California. They may delete FB posts, but they can’t delete newspaper coverage. It’s the kind of story that could get picked up and go state-wide.

  19. Kaiti Lewis says:


    I am a reporter. Please reach out to me: [email protected].

    • Christy says:

      Yay Kaiti! Yes please get involved. It’s clear this woman was treated badly by the resort and is continuing to be bullied and intimidated. Whomever this person is it seems he must have some influence and is continuing to try to bully and pressure her through pseudo anonymous accounts. So many women have been through things like this and stay silent for this very reason. It’s not easy to stand up. It’s good to hear her speak out for herself and push for the correct resolutions. Danelle, you are setting a good example for your son. Stay strong girl!

  20. Paul Harris says:

    I would like to talk to you about what happened. Can you please call me:

    Paul Harris
    KOLO ABC Reno

  21. Mary MacCarthy says:

    Hi Danelle, Mary MacCarthy here – I’m a Denver-based journalist – I’d love to have a quick chat. You can reach me at [email protected] or call me at 720 234 3145. You might be interested in this story I aired last week about Vail employees

  22. Ian says:

    This is such a frustrating and terrible story. It sucks that this happened to you and your son, and sucks more that you got so much flak you had to post this to respond to the negativity.

    I really hope this generates enough attention to both get a better resolution for you and your son and hopefully discourage these situations from happening again.

  23. Blossom says:

    It’s easy enough to figure out who the aggressor was, and now the teenie little peen has his friends attacking you with words in the comments at several sites. A lawyer will help all their hate backfire. Maybe their parents will finally kick them out, too, once they see what is being said in the local papers. Kudos to your courage!

  24. Justice says:

    First step is get a copy of the incident report. As a victim they have to give it to you. If they did not follow up with interviews including contacting Northstar security, call the watch commander of law enforcement. give them the incident number. If they don’t follow up, call the District Attorney’s office in Placer County give them a copy of incident report and/or incident number. Also call the District Attorney victim’s advocate department. Give them a copy of the police report and/or incident number. If Northstar talked to your assailant but did not collect his information you may have an action against Northstar. If you open a civil case the court can compel Northstar to turn over your assailant’s information. If Morthstar indeed told you they would yank your pass if you called the police, it will help to have witnesses that heard that. Although you made a report over the phone, it would be more helpful if you went in person to make an appointment for an interview with an investigating officer with your son.

    You wrote this “Northstar originally told us the man who attacked me was banned along with me. Yesterday we found out that he received minor disciplinary action and is still snowboarding around Northstar.”

  25. Jon says:

    I’m one of a group of about 12 soldiers stationed at Fort Carson, CO who organize ski trips for ourselves and others during the season. We’ve been pass holders for a while but we have all decided to not go to any Vail Resort in the future, and we’ll be getting with other groups here who organize ski trips for soldiers to encourage them to choose other places to ski in Colorado. There are plenty of other mountains.

  26. Jennifer says:

    Two words for you Momma. Gloria Alldred. Lawyer up & fight this corporate coverup!
    Good luck & so sorry this happened to you & your son.

  27. KRF says:

    Well they just responded on FB and basically blamed you for the altercation

  28. patty says:

    You said your son has sponsors. Get a lawyer and his sponsors involved. Don’t give up on social media. YELP. Twitter. Call local television stations in the area that this happened. If this gentleman (used very loosely) is as bombastic as he sounds, he will blab to someone who will be willing to say his name. Heck enough problem for the company they may release it to you. Good Luck.

  29. Angry Mama says:

    I posted your story on Northstar’s FB and Beth Howard responded with this lame “Open Letter to Our Guests.”


    I support you and your son, Danelle. Keep fighting! This is not okay and only by standing up to bullies can we actually tear them down.

  30. David Sean Cunningham says:

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. I am from here, nobody can tell you r not allowed here. Please, don’t stop coming to the area, just go to another resort to Ski. I grew up Skiing/boarding at Mt. Rose. Give them a try next time your in town.

  31. TahoeResidents4Justice says:

    I read your story and all of the comments late into last evening and eagerly awaited NorthStar’s response (posted above). I was sorely disappointed at their stance. I want you to know that those of us in South Lake Tahoe are in complete agreement that: no one person has any greater right to the slopes than another (with the exception of the ‘skiers code’ that downhill riders always have the right of way); violence doesn’t solve anything and violence by a man against a woman is deplorable; there are two sides to every story and the truth is always somewhere in the middle; most importantly, this event in no way represents the Tahoe Basin.

    I look forward to your response to the accusations by the “eye witness” (posted in reddit) and NorthStar executive that you entered the lift maze at high speed and “crashed into” the accused. I look forward to their investigation of the initial incident, as well as the relationship between him and the organization. There are still a lot of unanswered questions here and I implore you to “tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth” in your continued efforts as embellishment and exclusion will only hurt you in the future, just as I implore them to take the blinders off as something horribly wrong happened here and ignoring and covering it up also does nothing but hurt them.

  32. Ivan leonard says:

    Bullies are everywhere. I spent half my formative years being bullied simply because I was short. But I never failed to fight back any way I could. I’m proud of you Dannelle for fighting back.The embarrassment of this happening in front of your son and the fear for him as well as for yourself must have been really tough for you. This idiot of a bully is evidently a brain dead sociopath as well. But the most worrisome thing of the whole affair is the behaviour of the employees and indeed the whole company. If they had treated this affair in reverse by aiding and supporting you and your family and got rid of the Bully, can you imagine the amount of positive public support they would have received.Instead the Company has decided to become a Corporate BULLY themselves, what idiots.
    Don’t get tired and worn out yet dear, keep up the good fight.
    It’s also a good life learning process for your son and the whole family.It’s quite evident that you are a wonderful loving mother with a loving family. It’s a great learning experience for all of you. Keep up the Good Fight.We must never let Bullies think we are scared of them.

  33. Good for you for standing up for yourself.

  34. sab says:

    If you file a personal injury case, you won’t have to pay the lawyer up front. Personal injury cases are done on a contingency basis and the lawyer keeps a percentage of the recovery. If you have not contacted a personal injury lawyer, please do. This is astounding.

  35. Johan Plankster says:

    Your situation is not unusual for Vail Resorts. I know of an incident at one of their resorts from a couple of years ago. A woman was nearly hit by a snowboarder on a double black diamond chute she crashed getting out of his way. Then he yelled at her for being in the way ( know the code?) his group got aggressive and threatening so she left to avoid them. They waited for her and harassed her more, lower on the mountain grabbing at her and yelling. When she got security and ski patrol to ask the man be removed, Vail refused. It turns out the snowboarder works for Vail… Instead she was threatened and has been harassed for years since.
    This winter Vail got in trouble for ignoring reports of sexual assaults against their female employees and received negative press, there are also reports of sexual assaults at their Tahoe area resorts.
    The way you have been treated is disgusting but I’m not shocked. Vail doesn’t take the safety of women seriously as guests or employees. I assume the man that assaulted you is well connected in some way.
    I can put you in contact with the woman that was assaulted by the Vail employee if you like. Vail won’t be happy about that…but Vail may be the Bill Cosby of ski corporations so there are likely other women that have been attacked and then threatened or 86’d.
    Shame on Beth Howard, general manager of North Star.
    Keep it up!

  36. Phalluster says:

    It’s funny that this woman is doubling down on her tale of lies. In reality she just made up this story to get blog traffic and to brag about her little faggot son. She should learn to behave herself.

  37. Mark says:

    I am appalled by the way you were treated by the management at NorthStar! Have you contacted the County Supervisor for that district? I believe it’s Jennifer Montgomery. http://www.placer.ca.gov/bos/district5

    I would also strongly second the suggestion to contact the Chronicle, SacBee, LA Times…

  38. Meghan says:

    I would recommend that you contact Moonshine Ink, the local independent newspaper.

  39. D. Scott says:


    I am appalled that Beth Howard wrote a letter to the guests and LIED entirely! She should be fired!!

    • johan Plankster says:

      D. Scott- All of the Vail GMs in the Tahoe area should be fired. Sontag, Howard and Blann need to go. The crimes and coverups go beyond this case. Their MO is to deny, lie, blame the victim and coverup. Look at the kid killed in an avalanche at Vail. They blame the kid, the judge disagreed.
      Vail is like Walmart crossed with BP with some snow on top.

  40. Jonathan says:

    Hey Mom, here in Summit County. I have a friend that makes shirts with the Vail logo that shows Fail.
    Contact me. People need to know. Site won’t let me post

  41. Concerned Mom says:

    Have you considered going to the news media? There are many stations and advocacy groups that could really help by finally getting an official investigation to the blatant prejudice and corruption going on in these resorts.

  42. Mel says:

    The one and only thing I will say about this, to you, is, it’s highly inappropriate for you to post the name and the email of the Deputy that took your report that day. Especially without his permission. It was very easy to blur out his name and information. You have no logical reason to post that information and that’s not your information to post. You want to play victim here? That’s fine. But there’s no reason to drag in people who were just doing their job. He didn’t ask to be a part of your blog, or be dragged into the media hungry game you’re playing. Maybe think about that next time you posts people’s info on your blog, for your own benefit, without their permission

    • danelle says:

      I deeply apologize for that. I thought I had blacked out all of the email addresses and names. I will go back and check them again. I am very very sorry and did not mean to publicize his information, only the emails showing that I did file a police report. The deputy that took my report was very kind and I appreciated his help very much. I’m not media hungry and don’t enjoy the spotlight. Neither my blog or YouTube channel are monetized. How Northstar handled the assault I experienced is something I feel I have to stand up against so it doesn’t happen to someone else. I apologize again for that information being released.

    • johan Plankster says:

      Mel- Sorry to disagree, but sheriff deputies are public employees and their names and email are not secret. Secondly there is actually a good reason to post that contact info. There are other people out there that have had similar experiences at Vail resorts in the Tahoe area. Myself and family included. I plan on contacting the Placer County Sheriff to tell my story and show there is a pattern of Vail managers protecting violent employees and “VIP” types.
      It’s a scary day in America when law enforcement has a right to operate in secrecy. Most police and sheriff websites have lists of email contacts…

      • Amy Peterson-Mar says:

        Yup. Public employees. Badge numbers are not PII, and neither are their names, ranks, classifications, or work addresses. And if they give a home address/phone number on any non-emergency work related contact information, it’s FOIAble.

    • Colleen Patricia Williams says:

      So that makes it okay she got assaulted. Wow. Trump must love you .

    • MariaT says:

      She was asked to post the information publicly. How is anyone to substantiate what they might have seen that day or report a similar incident if the deputy’s name and email isn’t posted? Unless the police officer taking her report specified he did NOT want her to give out his information, it seems any reasonable person would do the same as Danelle did.

  43. Penny Yoas says:


    Thank you. I hear you! Your voice needs to be heard + this man needs to be named + held accountable for his violence + Northstar/Vail needs to be held accountable for their negligence + mistreatment. Kudos for your parenting! I am sorry you were mistreated.

  44. Ricardo says:

    Shame on avail, NorthStar , the operator, the snowboarder and the man who didn’t stop him. This is just shameful. Let us know if we can do anything to help, including signatures.

  45. Jim Holstein says:

    This has to be one of the worst incidents at a ski area I have ever heard of. Please come out to Big Sky, I will buy your lift tickets, try to find you a deal on lodging, and give you and your family a free trip into Yellowstone. Big Sky is the only major resort that is not near a metropolitan area, so we have a 1/5 of the visitation of everyone else, so your son can enjoy one of our 6 uncrowded (and often empty) terrain parks. I will also have a pack of locals show you around the mountain, to help you feel at ease. I hope this incident is isolated, and is never repeated to anyone, anytime or anywhere.

  46. Gary says:

    I can’t believe I read all this. So very sorry for your experience, the insult added to the injury. I can’t imagine how nuts I would go if someone had done this to my wife, sister, mother, but I am getting a sense of it from what I have read.

    My ‘heart goes out to you and your son. I hope the rest of the season goes better. Take encouragement from the heartfelt support above.

  47. Scott Layden says:

    Frankly, I think you SHOULD post all identifying characteristics of this man. And when he’s found, I think he should be posted all over the internet as this bad person, and let karma sort it out.

  48. Anonymous says:

    I was in Vail this winter, I stayed at a fancy well known hotel with my ex. Long atory short he severely beat me in the hotel, i left at one point to get help & the lady just brought me back to my room & said you’ll be fine get some sleep. Things only escladed & I was yelling for help. They didn’t want to cause a scene & ruin the image of vail so they waited until I got back home to Denver & then sent cops to do a welfare check because they heard screaming all night. I walked around the village even talked to cops, they walked me back to my hotel room & said I’ll be fine. Nothing was fine – I walked to my car asap in the morning to leave with a black eye, hair missing, a broken thumb. I’m not saying the abuse was their fault but when confronted with the situation they brused it off so no bad attention would’ve be brought to the resort & hotel. They are an extremely corrupt business. I’m sorry that happened to you. & hopefully Vail apologized.

  49. Mariah Bear says:

    Since there are so many comment here, maybe these things have already been suggested, but in case not . . . this seems like a story XOJane might post in its “It Happened to Me” feature–exactly the kind of thing they do, and could help spread story wider. Also, Jezebel. I might have a connection there through a freind who’s a feminist writer for another Gawker Media site. Would be happy to do outreach to her if you wanted, and weren’t already going that route.

    I have been going to Kirkwood almost exclusively for almost 20 years, and buying an Epic Mix pass for the past few years. I will really miss it, but I guess we’re going to Alpine from here on out. I will write to Vail Resorts and to Kirkwood to inform them of this. As you say, if their business strategy is to ignore assaults so as to avoid bad PR (aka loss of money), to only way to affect them is voting with our dollars.

    I am so sorry this happened to you, and hope that you and your son can not only get justice but also regain your joy in the sport despite these horrible people.

  50. Diz says:

    Only losers hit women.

    Only bigger losers would defend him.

    Thank god these idiots don’t seem to realize that there is no such thing as anonymous posts. That altitude must be fucking with their three remaining brain cells.

    They will be caught, they will be shamed, there will be justice. And I wouldn’t be surprised if ACTUAL boarders manned up and did something…

    The loser can’t hide in the mountain all year. I’ve got a couple biker friends who don’t like women beaters much. They love that part of the country, been looking for a reason to visit for a while…

  51. Steamboat says:

    Fuck Vail. Come to Steamboat Springs!

  52. Lance l says:

    Yeah do not expect Northstar (vail) to protect you or be on your side. I lost my phone on the mountain but someone found it and brought it to security. .they texted the last number, my friend. I went to security and asked if they had it, they said it had not been turned in.

    So I tracked it later and discovered it at the employee housing complex. I guessed at a unit to knock at and quite brazenly told the 11 year old girl that answered “my cell phone is here” she petrified said “the galaxy S? … let me call my dad he works at heavenly…. he gave it to my brother as a present…”

  53. Fuck.vail says:

    Ski Boyne resorts. I used to work in big sky and I know personally that the security staff there would never let that shit slide.

  54. Tahoe Alum says:

    Vail is not the whole industry but certainly a very large player in it. I studied ski resort management in Tahoe in the late 90s at Sierra Nevada College; one of the things that was very evident is the industry’s wildly reactionary approach to all things involving legal conflict and responsibility. Instead of standardizing approaches to the mitigation of injury, the industry chose to assault any legal challengers.

    Not great to see that they’ve sustained this horrific approach to customer and human relations. Not that I expected them to evolve, I got out of the industry before the end of the century and do not regret it in any fashion.

    I hate to see another corporate obliteration of something so pure and exhilarating. But that sure seems to be a pattern in modern life and central to the American experience. They squeeze every penny out of their customers and end up with a completely disgusting product that leaves us ashamed of our original love for the activity.

    Best of luck Danelle, wish I could say I expect any kind of satisfactory resolution. They’ll keep swinging until nothing is left but their death rattle. Bullies.

  55. Kevin says:

    This is an outrage.Even if you’re kid was in “the way” , and I’m not saying he was, the fact that you asked the jackass to be careful is perfectly acceptable. The fact that he laid his hands on you is a testament to the lack of respect he has and proves he is not a man at all. As for Northstar, any business that does not take an assault of any kind serious does not deserve to be in business. A few friends and I were had reservations at northstar for next month, but have since cancelled those reservations and will be taking our money elsewhere. As a man and a proud Californian I apologize for the act of this clown and and the fact that no one stood up to protect you, even the guy who saw you get hit. I hope you get justice

  56. Jack B says:

    The truth shall set you free.

  57. Julia says:

    This is such a shame. Get a PI. Maybe a scetch? This guy is a disgrace to human kind, and needs to be punished by the law. Im sorry this happened to you and your son.

  58. Marc says:

    From what i heard around the resort is that ur guy suffers from Severe mommy issues which has resulted in severe erectial dysfuncton throughout his adult life, this is why he does this to women.

  59. Carl says:

    I am so sorry this happened to you Danelle. A real man does not hit anyone. (To the Anonomys person what goes around comes around buddy, Do unto other what you would have done unto you.) Your son is amazing keep up the great work sport.

  60. Danelle:

    So sorry to hear about your situation at the Northstar Resort. Had I been there I would’ve pulled the guy off of you put him in a headlock and waited for security to come. This whole situation is inexcusable and you’re right, Vail Resorts needs to make it right but they won’t because that’s Vail Resorts for you. So in lieu of that I will invite you and your son to the Eldora Mountain Resort 40 minutes outside of Boulder, Colorado. You may stay at my house in Boulder Heights and I will buy your tickets so your son can train in peace and have a great time at a great little resort for the remainder of your trip. Let me know if you are interested. Oh and free tunes for you and your son’s boards – of course! I have been in a similar situation as your’s – my daughter was almost killed by an out of control snowboarder at the Steamboat Resort – and I yelled at him in line so loudly that he had to be embarrassed. No, he didn’t punch me, but he tried to give me grief and I wouldn’t stand for it – neither should you – and you were in the right here no matter what. And – you never punch a woman! Ever! No matter what. What a coward that guy was. Hard for me to believe that not one person in the lift line stood up for you and took this guy down – sad comment on our society. Anyway, the offer stands.


    Peter Boyer, Owner
    Alpine Base & Edge Ski Shop
    2709 Spruce Street
    Boulder, CO 80302
    [email protected]
    303 475 8917

  61. Bleedingheart says:

    I would recommend everyone get in touch with Burton, her childs sponsor, and ask them to pull all support of the mountain. I cant believe that they would support Northstar over their own sponsored rider. Please everyone lend your support by getting ahold of Burton

  62. Bark says:

    Please set up a gofundme site so we can send donations

  63. LCB says:

    Well, I haven’t followed this story from the beginning but I thought it might help if you tried to get the story told on the local Reno news. That way, you might be able to find out who he is. I would call all three local stations and see if they are interested in running the story. I would be curious what came of that, if it ran…..! Sorry for you and your son. Hang in there.

  64. Phatbetty says:

    It breaks my heart to hear how this has impacted your son. Yes, you were hurt and upset as you should be. But as a mom, I feel for you and this situation and so sad that the fun and ambitious son you have is haunted by the dark side of humanity. Left with a nightmare of assault and not being able to do anything about it. What that idiot did and those that allowed it and made it worse – so many levels making this incident very wrong. Since you can’t get anything done criminally, as many others have shared, I would go for a civil suit – personal injury, personal trauma, finances. Against Northstar and the individual. You have shared this with the world, which is great. But honestly the snow season is almost over and lowered patronage won’t impact them, and your story will be forgotten by next season. This foul attitude of management that allows them and their staff to get away with these violations will stay in place. That must stop. Only a suit will make them accountable to that.

    Stay strong. You are not alone. Your son has a very brave mom and that will never be taken away from him. Good luck & God bless!

  65. Peggy Blas says:

    I just posted this on my twitter account and tagged Vail resorts and Moonshine ink. Those who care should do the same. Also posted in the comment section on Vailresorts Facebook page.

  66. Ann says:

    If anyone gets hurt – see the resort Ski Patrol. It forces the resort to write up an official incident report of some kind and then you can get a copy. Also, chances are there may be (some resorts may have them, being that it is a Vail re$ort, chance$ are…) video cameras around the lifts. That should help with evidence. If anyone deletes the video, it is tampering with evidence.

    Praying for you and your family, Danelle.

    Wonder when the name of the rude, out-of-control assaulter gets published – what a piece of shi+ Must be the son of some conglomerate. What a shame. He needs to claim responsibility for his own actions. Tool.

    Major, U.S. Air Force, Retired

    • MariaT says:

      I align with Major Ann. This is why our country is voting for sociopaths and narcissists..because we have allowed a generation to believe they are the center of the universe. The only way to fix the problem is to hold them responsible for their actions.

      And Major Ann, thank you for your service to our country!

  67. Nick T says:

    The thing that bothers me the most is that the guy was riding dangerously and deserved to be ripped into. A 200 lb guy could easily permanently disable or even end the life of a 60 lb kid in a bad collision. I see this at the hill, skateparks etc. all around tahoe. It doesn’t matter how good you are, you don’t get to endanger some kids life because you’re annoyed he’s in your way and assume he doesn’t belong there. The resort should not be an unsafe place for kids and I am appalled that ski patrol routinely ignores the terrain parks where etiquette is more important for safety than anywhere else on the mountain. I have a 5 year old who snowboards and has a Heavenly pass and we live almost walking distance to the resort but probably will be riding at Sierra at Tahoe next year. Vail resorts has influence everywhere here. they spend money with media outlets, law enforcement, own vacation rental companies etc. No one will give them bad publicity for fear of being cut off from the river of money this corporation sends through tahoe.

  68. Leona Marshall Libby says:

    Hey Shredmom, you may want to make sure that the letter that you sent to the board of directors didn’t end up in every one of their spam folders (as they will surely claim). For a few bucks each, you can send a registered return receipt letter to each member of the board through the USPS so that you are sure that they received it in a timely manor. I say this because I noticed that the one representative from Northstar stated that your email was stuck in her spam folder.

    On the Vail Resorts website (which I took the liberty of researching for you here: http://www.vailresorts.com/Corp/info/board-of-directors.aspx) you can see where each of these board members work their main jobs. Many people don’t know but a BOD position is just a side job for most people.

    If I were you I would send copies of all correspondence to every member on the board with a letter drafted to the chairman, copying all board members, requesting a written response to be received by you within 14 business days, as to what the company is going to do to make your family whole again for the money that you are out and the pain and suffering that you have gone through in order to receive any sort of justice for this incident. Don’t threaten any legal action, just pose a question at this point.

    I would also ask what steps they have taken to train their staff on deescalation of violent situations (what would they have done if he had hit you so hard that you had passed out or needed stitches?) and how they have trained their staff to handle victims & aggressors of violent attacks in the future. Given his reaction you aren’t his first victim & won’t be his last. Who knows if there are others on the runs acting just like him, let’s hope he’s an anomaly.

    Then I would most definitely work with a sketch artist, maybe from a local community college, to see if you can get a drawing of what the guy looks like to the cops. You may not have a name, you may not want to put his description out there because you don’t want people attacking him (I fully agree with this) but if you can get a good likeness of him on paper you might be able to help the cops catch him, especially if he’s still allowed back in the parks.

    I am truly sorry this happened to you and your son. I hope that, with time & therapy, both of you can get past this and get back to the sport that you both love so much. Please don’t let him take that away from the two of you!

  69. Leona Marshall Libby says:

    So there is a swell little open letter to the internet commnity from Northstar wherein they lay complete blame on Mrs. Muresan-Foster, going so far as to state that she collided with the male guest (no name given of course) and that she was the one who started the physical attack by slapping him. No mention of her being punched in the face.

    Now I wasn’t there, so I don’t know what happened. This could all be true. Maybe Shredmom is the aggressor here. If so why did Beth Howard, Northstar Vice President and General Manager, make this statement in her open letter to the public:

    “Our security officer repeatedly offered at the time of the incident to contact the local authorities for Mrs. Muresan-Foster, however she repeatedly refused.”

    If she is the one provoking and causing the problems to the male guest wouldn’t they offer the police assistance to him, not her? They made it very clear that they were there to help her, despite the fact that, apparently, she was the one provoking the violence.

    I am disappointed in you Ms. Howard. You are in a leadership position, have some backbone and stand up for what you know is right. At least get your story straight before publishing it.


    • MariaT says:

      Excellent observation. If Danelle was the aggressor, the most assuredly would have called the police to report this. I think the individual who did this was someone who believed he was above the law…likely a politician’s son.

  70. Dana says:

    looks like the veil needs to be lifted on vail…

  71. C says:

    You’re a loony toon. i read your blog (ya all 5 pages of it) and that says it all. if the general public cannot distinguish between reality and YOUR reality…well, that’s their problem. You should stop your meds, or stop drinking – whatever is making you a nutcase. By the way – who exactly are your sponsors? What brands represented a 3 year old from Iowa in 2010? Have they pulled their “sponsorship” yet? Go back to Iowa. Stay there. And don’t show your face in public – we don’t wanna see your zits. Unfortunately, my comment, and all the others, are what you want. I can write 5 pages of feedback (just for you) on how to lead a successful PR campaign and sweetheart, this ain’t it.

  72. Roger Romero says:

    What she really needs more than anything is a corroborating witness, like the guy who said “Dude you just hit a girl”. If that guy comes forward you will see how quickly they change thier tune. The witness in their report almost assuredly was the lift operator, who probably knows the douchebag in question and likes his cushy job and new benefits

  73. Heather says:

    I sooo hope you have an attorney dear friend! I am Sooo disheartened to hear what you experienced. Bless you! I will be boycotting and contacting this place myself too!

  74. Paul says:

    Since your son has sponsors, I can pretty much guarantee that they’ll get to the bottom of this and probably cover any legal fees since this is hurting their marketing.
    Have you tried contacting them?

    • TahoeSteve says:

      Actually, the ‘sponsors’ will likely drop the poor kid, who has zero fault in this situation. Companies (ski and snowboard industry not excluded) have a PR image to maintain, and cannot afford to (nor want to) align themselves with this sort of thing. It seems that NO ONE is handling this like a mature adult, and the kid will ultimately suffer the most.

      Regardless of what ACTUALLY happened that day a month ago (which none of us truly know the circumstances), this whole thing is a PR nightmare. When one decides to go full force after a huge corporation such as Vail, what did one expect? That they would not investigate and release their findings? That they would not use their million dollar lawyers and PR spokespeople to try and crush this? That the truth would NOT come to light?

      “There’s no such thing as bad press” is complete bullshit. This kid will forever carry a stigma.

      Shredmom effectively ended the poor kid’s career before it even started.

      What a shame.

  75. KateK says:

    Thanks for not going quietly into the night with this issue, and for taking the effort to document everything so well. I see you already have a ton of advice, but have you considered contacting a human rights group or a women’s rights group? I bet they have a team of lawyers and could highlight Northstar’s atrocious behaviors.

  76. Tim Parks says:

    Has anyone actually read vail’s official release on this topic? It states that she ran into the man who “punched” her and he attempted to help her up but she refused. She got angry hit him in the face and he got angry and started being verbally abusive. Good story though

  77. Lawyersskitoo says:

    Call a lawyer immediately. Many of them take these kinds of cases on contingency – no money from you up front – and can hire a private investigator if the local police aren’t looking for this guy. There may be security cameras, and I’m sure the employees know who this is. Mountains are gossip mills, and they were all talking about the incident after it happened for sure. Vail Resorts has deep pockets, and if they were truly negligent, you may not have to worry about sponsors for your son. Good luck.

  78. Sent from Tahoe says:

    Did you not slap him first? Did you not physically contact him first? Entitled cunt, equal rights – did you not expect for him to defend himself? Wake up.

    • MariaT says:

      Interesting how both the many that hit her and you use the word “cunt” which identifies your age and intellect. Sent from Tahoe, your perception of this story is quite unique, since the word “entitled” predisposes your bias towards this author.

      Danelle, I would ask the Placer County Sheriff to track the IP address of this particular commenter. I suspect you may have found the name of your aggressor.

  79. AnnW says:

    I feel for you. Vail Resorts has gotten too big for its own good. I was surprised to see that Beth Howard is at Northstar. She started in Food and Beverages at Vail and Beaver Creek. Maybe she is in over her head as a manager. A very good lawyer in Avon, Colorado, right near Beaver Creek is Robert Sperberg. He helped our family in a dispute with the Beaver Creek Resort Co. I love how everyone wants to pile on and disparage you, Iowa, your semi-pro son, and all sorts of things. Colorado has a strict Skier Responsibility Code. I would think California would also. I would contact your son’s sponsor, which I read might be Burton, the USSSA, and every other professional organization that has anything to do with skiing or snowboarding.Plus the press, and social media. We are all ready to help you. Start petitions, or ask someone else to start one on Change.org and those other petition pages. Vail Resorts has changed immeasurably since they sent that failed investment banker Rob Karp or whatever to Colorado. I think Apollo Partners just wanted to get him out of New York. Vail Resorts is a public company. Contact their investor relations department with your story also. Get some friends to help you accomplish this. Your child has missed a good month of riding, right. Maybe next year we can all make it up to you.

  80. Not a Shredder says:

    Haha Sent from Tahoe..do you really think that you, oh sorry, a 6 foot guy needed to ‘defend’ himself from a slap by a 5 foot woman who was standing there with her kid?? Awww… Who raised you to speak so ignorantly?? Do you even know what equal rights are? Omg.. The people defending this ‘guy’ are all obviously friends of this tool or backwoods rednecks.

  81. :( says:

    For those saying “oh just get a lawyer and sue,” good luck if you try to sue Northstar. My HOA has been in litigation with them for over 10 years – it has cost all of us homeowners each thousands of dollars out of pocket to try to get them to fix the environmental damage they did with their new developments. I can’t even tell you how many trees have died and how much damage they have done to our homes because of Northstar’s neglect in their construction practices. Even though our case should have been cut and dry, they have used everything they have, which is a lot as a big corporation, to keep us in litigation for over a decade thinking they could just wait it out until we ran out of money. We haven’t been able to sell our place while we have been in litigation because it’s really really hard to sell if you’re in litigation. Sadly, the litigation still continues today. Even though they are legally supposed to plant new trees, they are now trying to get out of that… and they probably will. The whole thing has been heartbreaking.


    • johan Plankster says:

      To 🙁 Northstar homeowner.
      Vail is also trying to coverup a major diesel spill at Kirkwood. They hope it will go away but it is only getting bigger. Vail is a criminal company if they think they can get away with a crime they will go for it. There are also safety issues they ignore but that is becoming obvious.

  82. Stephanie says:

    My sister sent me this link and I’m truly sorry this happened to you. We ski at Northstar ever year for the last 5 specifically because my boy (now 10) lives on the moderate skill level terrain parks. He just decided this year to try boarding and is starting from scratch. My son and I were just there last weekend and skied three days on our own. I’m shocked, so sad and disappointed but I can’t imagine going back there until, at minimum, they make it right with you….Starting with releasing their records to the police so that you can press assault charges against the man who attacked you. I don’t know how resorts are licensed but have you thought about reaching out to Kamala Harris’ office?

    California Attorney General’s Office
    P.O. Box 944255 Sacramento, CA 94244-2550
    Phone Toll-free: (877) 433-9069

  83. Peter McAlpine says:

    Sounds like the lifty, who did nothing, may have been the “witness” and gave the fake report to cover his ass and that of North Star and the thug boarder

  84. J.J. says:

    Serious Suggestion:

    Find a good lawyer, initiate a class action law suit against Vail for their failure to implement sufficient safety measures protecting youth, for lack of any disciplinary actions against skiing/riding adults who are totally disregarding safety of minors.

    If you do, I will personally bring up two incidents to support your case, one of them is well recorded (a good lawyer can get access to) by a Vail resort. (The offense was outrageous, the Resort response or action was none.)

    Ignore that offending little man, shift your attention to Vail. Scrutinize what Vail has (not) done in similar confrontations.

    It does take a crazy Mom to make them take their responsibility (and feel sorry for not doing so), I guess.

    A (still) Angry Dad

  85. Mike Hoy says:

    The world is full of armed conflict, genocide, female mutilation, famine by political design, and other atrocities. You people are ready to shell out $130 to ski/ride Flatstar, but could not care less about helping fellow humans in Sudan or Detroit. And this… THIS… is your big outrage?

    Let’s hold an inquiry in Sacramento, and debate the need for new legislation. We’ll call it Shred Mom’s law. It will solve what ails nouveau Tahoe society. If that doesn’t work, make a list of every regulatory agency that Flatstar must navigate to stay in business, and never give up until you have forced Vail Resorts to sell the resort to the Sesame Street Ski Corporation, committed to the psychological protection of smallish wannabe shredders.

    Maybe you folks can contemplate the madness of this injustice whilst wallowing in a $25 hot toddy at the Ritz to mellow out before the miserable drive back down the hill in your $75,000 SUV, glaring disapprovingly at those brown people driving beaters, all the way to your gated community, from whence you complain about paying taxes, but then complain about the uneducated fops who cannot make change at the burger joint.

    My name is Mike Hoy, and I approved this message.

  86. Gary Giegerich says:

    My son was involved in an incident when he was in pre-school along with another child whom my son was attempting to help. The school staff got involved late in the situation & accused my son of abusing the other boy (the kid’s zipper got stuck open & asked my son for help). The director expelled my son because, in her words, “the other boy was black and they would be opening themselves up to a discrimination lawsuit if they took any action against the black boy. We talked with our lawyer and were told we could sue and be pretty sure of winning about $10,000. However, it would probably cost $12,000 to $15,000 to sue that we would have to pay up front.
    So I can understand the hesitancy there might be to bring a suit against the man, though he clearly deserves it.
    Whatever road you choose to take our prayers are with the woman assaulted and her son & family.

  87. Anthony says:

    Hello again,
    I see you still haven’t addressed the issue about explaining why the photo of your “bruised” face has been manipulated in Photoshop. Explicitly -:

    Image created – 2016:02:25 22:55:18 Samsung SM-G900V

    Image modified – 2016:03:08 16:21:10 Adobe Photoshop Elements 10.0 Windows

    To me, addressing this small question seems reasonable if you are telling the truth.
    Best regards,

    • justin says:

      I am Danelle’s friend and saw her right after all this happened. I can understand the skepticism over the EXIF data – I am a programmer and a photographer. The picture was taken inside, with a phone, so the white balance was off. Danelle said she used “autocorrect” in Photoshop before posting it to the web. Quite the opposite of trying to deceive people, she thought “this was how you posted pictures to the Internet”. If anything the corrected photo looks more true to life, based on what I actually saw in real life.

      Never fear though, the original was what was sent to the police and still exists in several other places should it be needed.

      The conspiracy theories and Internet detecting are kind of funny to me, but certainly nothing accurate has come out of it. Feel free to continue (and anyone else reading this) but I don’t want you to waste your time either.

      Thanks for your concern though!


  88. Gaddis says:

    Any news on where things are with this story? I hope everything is going well, sorry you had to go through this.

  89. Martin says:

    Any update?

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