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Update Addressing Northstar Assault

This is an update to my earlier post about being assaulted at Northstar in front of my 9 year-old. I called the police the day of the assault (from the friend’s house we were staying at, not from the resort,

After Being Violently Assaulted In Front of My 9 Year-Old at Northstar — a Vail Resorts Property — Northstar/Vail Resorts Protected The Man Who Attacked Me and Punished Me For “Causing” His Behavior

An update to this post with more information is available here.  WARNING: Contains explicit language   On February 25th an adult male snowboarder violently attacked me at Northstar in California — a Vail Resorts property. The same snowboarder had ridden full

“I’m Just Not Afraid”

The Ellen Show called my son, Wesley, last week. Um, yes… The Ellen Show. I have no idea if it will go anywhere beyond that, but it was pretty cool to just get the phone call. As Wesley was interviewed

I LOVE this Boulder Gear Outerwear! It’s SOOOOO Pretty!

My boys and I just returned from a weekend of riding and competing at Tyrol Basin near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Well, I wasn’t the one competing, but I did freeze my toes off watching — it counts! My toes were

How To Be A Shred Mom…

Kids have been learning to ski since they started walking for a long time. It was once thought that small children weren’t strong enough to snowboard, but that theory has been proven wrong. Check out one and a half year

Dear God, Can I Be Princess Elsa When I Grow Up? (And Bless the Earth and Peace and Everything.) Amen.

Dear God, Please could I grow up to be Princess Elsa? I want to have superpowers. Especially the power to make snow and ice fly out of my hands. I love snow probably more than anyone on Earth, and if

7 Year-Old Wesley

Wesley is the smallest kid on the Tyrol Basin freestyle team. An exception was made to allow him on the team at five years old. Three years later (at age 7) he still doesn’t meet the minimum age requirement of

Time of Their Lives

“Making a million friends is not a miracle.  The miracle is to make a friend who will stand by you when millions are against you…” Wesley and Korey are inseparable.  They started snowboarding and skating very young (unusual for the

Why Terje Hates the Olympics… You need to read this!


I once told my husband (fiancé at the time) that – if nothing else – being married to me would NEVER be boring. My husband, Chris – a lover of Eastern philosophy and the teachings of The Buddha – replied,