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Update Addressing Northstar Assault

This is an update to my earlier post about being assaulted at Northstar in front of my 9 year-old. I called the police the day of the assault (from the friend’s house we were staying at, not from the resort,

After Being Violently Assaulted In Front of My 9 Year-Old at Northstar — a Vail Resorts Property — Northstar/Vail Resorts Protected The Man Who Attacked Me and Punished Me For “Causing” His Behavior

An update to this post with more information is available here.  WARNING: Contains explicit language   On February 25th an adult male snowboarder violently attacked me at Northstar in California — a Vail Resorts property. The same snowboarder had ridden full

You’re Not Gonna Find Yourself a Cheerleader. If You’re Looking for One, You’re Part of the Problem!

I HATE the cheerleader song. Absolutely loathe and HATE IT. If you haven’t heard this song on the radio, here’s a sample of the lyrics: “Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader She is always right there when

I’m Sorry, Mrs. Anderson

I have an apology I need to make. I have needed to make this apology for half of my life. I’ve tried to find the person I needed to apologize to on Facebook, but finding someone named “Abby Anderson” on

I’m Just A Girl… and My Biking Adventure Began With Running My Mouth Off in a Bike Shop…

I haven’t owned a bicycle since I was 11 years old. I always wanted to inline skate instead of bike, and kept up with my biking family just fine on my rollerblades. When my kids started biking, I chose to

How To Lose Your Kids

My small children escaped yesterday and, for 5 minutes, I held the title of “World’s Worst Mom”. (After 5 minutes, a drunk mother somewhere forgot to feed her children dinner and then locked them in a closet so the title

We live in a world where telling a boy he does something “like a girl” is considered extremely insulting…

So I kind of wanted to cry yesterday… I wrote this blog post about the ways in which my son, Wesley, is a little like his mom… … When Wesley and his brother, Devin, read it [they signed themselves

“I’m Just Not Afraid”

The Ellen Show called my son, Wesley, last week. Um, yes… The Ellen Show. I have no idea if it will go anywhere beyond that, but it was pretty cool to just get the phone call. As Wesley was interviewed

I LOVE this Boulder Gear Outerwear! It’s SOOOOO Pretty!

My boys and I just returned from a weekend of riding and competing at Tyrol Basin near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Well, I wasn’t the one competing, but I did freeze my toes off watching — it counts! My toes were

How To Be A Shred Mom…

Kids have been learning to ski since they started walking for a long time. It was once thought that small children weren’t strong enough to snowboard, but that theory has been proven wrong. Check out one and a half year