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You’re Not Gonna Find Yourself a Cheerleader. If You’re Looking for One, You’re Part of the Problem!

I HATE the cheerleader song. Absolutely loathe and HATE IT. If you haven’t heard this song on the radio, here’s a sample of the lyrics: “Oh, I think that I’ve found myself a cheerleader She is always right there when

We live in a world where telling a boy he does something “like a girl” is considered extremely insulting…

So I kind of wanted to cry yesterday… I wrote this blog post about the ways in which my son, Wesley, is a little like his mom… … When Wesley and his brother, Devin, read it [they signed themselves

Sweet October Moments and a VERY Scary Witch

Devin’s first football season came to an end this month and — as in many school sports — the end of the season included a fall banquet for the 7th graders. During the banquet, Devin’s name was announced and he prepared

Autumn at the Apple Orchard

Autumn is heavenly. Everything about the harvest season enchants me… leaves changing colors… pumpkins… the crisp, cool air… Halloween… Thanksgiving… winter (and snowboarding) is right around the corner… cooking yummy food… college soccer season… football season… and apple orchards. Normally,

Home Sweet Home… Until the Mountains

We moved to another city, closer to my husband’s job, this summer. It was very difficult to leave our old house (I’d lived there 10 years and brought 3 of 4 babies home to it). Moving 4 children and the

Shut Up And Drive

It’s Sunday night and I’m rocking Tristan, our 8 month-old, to sleep in my arms. Tristan must fall asleep in someone’s arms or snuggled in bed next to someone (someone usually means me, but he will snuggle with Daddy, too).

I couldn’t decide whether to call this post “Moving to Another City With 4 Children” or “I’m Having a Psychotic Breakdown”

Today, we put a deposit on a house we’re going to rent in another city. As soon as school gets out, we’re moving.  My poor husband has been commuting 3 hours a day for a few years now, so moving

Mini-Shred #4

Today, mothers have a choice between “natural” and using various methods of pain control during childbirth. Women who do it one way have an opinion about women who do it the other way and vice versa. (Sometimes a not very

Happy Holidays!

It’s a busy time of year for everyone… the holidays are right around the corner.  Many are getting their Christmas decorations out of the attic and prepping to cook a turkey; I am figuring out season passes, competitions, vacations, outerwear, pulling snowboards out of