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I’m Sorry, Mrs. Anderson

I have an apology I need to make. I have needed to make this apology for half of my life. I’ve tried to find the person I needed to apologize to on Facebook, but finding someone named “Abby Anderson” on

How To Lose Your Kids

My small children escaped yesterday and, for 5 minutes, I held the title of “World’s Worst Mom”. (After 5 minutes, a drunk mother somewhere forgot to feed her children dinner and then locked them in a closet so the title

I’ve Been Treated Like a Dummy Because I Don’t Want to Give My Kids Unnecessary Antibiotics

It was the spring of 2013 and my husband, Chris, and I were at Urgent Care with our 1 year-old daughter. She had started screaming inexplicably a little while earlier at a restaurant. Turns out, she had an ear infection.

From Caca… to Fleming… to Edison

Our one year-old has been waking up covered in caca lately. I don’t know what the problem with his plumbing is, but the last few mornings have been full of poop wake up calls. (I’m sure when he gets older

He Who Must Not Be Named

So… my two year-old daughter, Lainey, is having a princess dress up/tea party luncheon tomorrow… and who does she want to be, but Mulan. I asked the person who works at Party City if they have a Mulan costume and

Relax, Mama Bear!

Early October… My husband calls me a “stress case”. I can think of something no human being has ever worried about before and have an anxiety attack over it. I’m having one about remembering to pick up items for Devin’s

Stop Thinking Women With More Than One or Two Children Are Dummies (Because Who In Their Right Mind Would Get Knocked Up That Many Times???)

A few weeks after giving birth to my fourth child, I was at the grocery store with all my kids. A woman came up to me and slowly looked from child to child, then said, “Are these¬†all yours?” I was

What I Always Wanted…

I didn’t believe it would ever happen. I dreamed about it… and wanted it… and sometimes I thought I could reach out and touch it, but nothing was there. It never materialized. Until now.¬† My husband brought home the final

I Never Wanted to Be a Parent, But Can’t Help Hoping For Babies For My Friends

Please don’t be offended and please read to the end before you get upset with me! I know not everyone wants kids. I never thought I wanted them, either. Never, never, NEVER! I couldn’t imagine anything more tedious than taking

This Is A Freaking Hard Job!

“I’m a failure and I can’t do this and I’m having a meltdown. I have no identity! I just want a clean house for 5 seconds and to work on my snowboard apparel line and my blog. Do you know