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USA Snowboarding Association Nationals, Part 1: Be True to Yourself (Early April 2013)

Wesley is a lucky duck. He has crashed, tumbled, smashed his face, broken bones, blackened his eye, and has had enough scrapes and bumps to last a lifetime… except that he’s six. This series of events may have left another

Mini-Shred #4

Today, mothers have a choice between “natural” and using various methods of pain control during childbirth. Women who do it one way have an opinion about women who do it the other way and vice versa. (Sometimes a not very

Winter Park, Colorado — Mom is Really an Alien Creature

The five of us arrived in the mountains of Winter Park, Colorado, a few days before Christmas… after a VERY long drive across Iowa’s terribly icy roads, long boring Nebraska, and the flatter part of Colorado.  Lainey had a cold

Merry Christmas or Mass Chaos???

We are supposed to leave for Colorado in two days. There’s a blizzard warning for 24 hours starting at 6pm tonight. Chris couldn’t come home last night, and won’t be able to come home tonight because of the blizzard (he

Happy Holidays!

It’s a busy time of year for everyone… the holidays are right around the corner.  Many are getting their Christmas decorations out of the attic and prepping to cook a turkey; I am figuring out season passes, competitions, vacations, outerwear, pulling snowboards out of