I LOVE this Boulder Gear Outerwear! It’s SOOOOO Pretty!

My boys and I just returned from a weekend of riding and competing at Tyrol Basin near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin. Well, I wasn’t the one competing, but I did freeze my toes off watching — it counts!

My toes were the only thing that froze, though (new snowboard boots are on my grocery list, but I’ll probably have to venture further than the grocery store to pick them up). This is not my complete review of Boulder Gear, and why I love their outerwear, just a quick post before I go to bed (it was a looooong weekend, and a loooooonger drive home). It arrived just in time for our weekend trip, and I credit the new gear with keeping the rest of me toasty warm, despite my cold boots problem. Also, it’s amazingly pretty. Like, just beautiful. I love the colors and the unique pattern. No one on the slope had anything like it. (Please pardon my messy hair; the wind was blowing in it all day. Also, I just realized my neck gaiter is way too ugly to go with this outerwear. If it wasn’t so cold, my vanity would have prevailed and I would have removed the gaiter.)




















Our entire family has been wearing Boulder Gear outerwear for the past 3 years, (ever since we discovered it). They have a line for little ones called Snow Dragons, too, that’s just adorable. Besides for looking amazing and being really warm — their prices are awesome. And when you’re buying outwear for an entire family (ours is a family of six), price is always a consideration. More on this outerwear later (if I don’t get some sleep, I might fall over on my keyboard, and then all you’d be reading is asdfndkvndfbk;ldfhi;argjrgbrjbnfdbfibjrignmdfhri and hopefully my husband would find me and tell me to stop sleeping on my keyboard — or even better, carry me up to my bed as I snored).

While I’m mentioning things I love, I should probably thank my husband for sponsoring my fun, too. So thank you, Boulder Gear, for the oh-so-pretty, warm, and affordable outerwear, and thank you dear husband for sponsoring our shred life, the shred lives of our kids, and only occasionally telling me that “the fun committee [me] needs to check in with the budget committee [him]”. I love you.

Here are 8 year-old Wesley and me (no age need be mentioned) in our Boulder Gear after his Slopestyle competition on Saturday; and Wesley (in blue this time) grabbing, spinning, and stomping his backside 360s on Sunday after Tyrol Basin Freestyle Team practice. Recently turned 13 year-old Devin was also wearing new outerwear from Boulder Gear, but was writing computer code inside the lodge and could not tear himself away from his Ipad. Teenagers. (It’s okay, I don’t complain when he’s fixing my PC for me.) I’ll sneak a picture of him soon… 😉

DSC_0024 DSC_0019 DSC_0066


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