How To Be A Shred Mom…

Kids have been learning to ski since they started walking for a long time. It was once thought that small children weren’t strong enough to snowboard, but that theory has been proven wrong. Check out one and a half year old Lainey learning to snowboard last winter. She had a blast and so did I!

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  1. M says:

    Hi Danelle
    I just wanna say you’ve done an amazing job with your family. It’s inspriring. Getting older doesn’t mean the zest for life must fade. Which is exactly the mentality I have about raising my own 2 kids ( 15 month old daughter, and 4 month old son). I’ve been going through a big rough patch as a single mom. I recently left an abusive relationship 1 month ago, changed states, am looking for a job, child care, want to enroll in school, going to counseling. It’s frustrating. This is not who I am and I cant believe I didn’t respect myself enough before to walk away from the situation I was in. But in the end I did. So here I am LOL. Any who, what you’re doing is awesome. I am so happy I stumbled upon your page. It was so uplifting and it reminded me that everything is going to be ok. I found your page by Google searching moms who snowboard because I’ve been wanting to learn for years. It looks so damn fun! I’m pretty good at longboarding so I think that will help with balance but I bet there’s a lot more to it. Once this crazy chapter of my life is over and I finally make it to a slope/ hill/ mountain I want to get it down so I can include my kiddos as well! Your family is beautiful. Keep doing what you’re doing. LOVE.


    • danelle says:

      Hi M!
      I’m so sorry it took me so long to respond! I was in Colorado when this came through. My son was competing out there and our schedule was a little crazy so I wasn’t logging into my blog at all. I think you’re very brave. It isn’t easy leaving an abusive relationship, especially when you have little kids. My first marriage was an abusive one, and I haven’t been able to bring myself to write about it (too many emotions!) but I didn’t always snowboard. I credit snowboarding with changing my life! You absolutely should do it with your kids. Learning to snowboard with my kids is one of the most fun things I’ve ever done, and it did wonders for my self-esteem. I, too, can’t believe the way I let myself be treated, but I do think we women put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make relationships work. I wish you and your kids the best in where life leads you. Your situation is so very similar to what mine was! I’m happy you found my blog uplifting! Please feel free to message me anytime — I have been through what you’re going through! There is a happy ending waiting for you, I promise!!! And if you can longboard, you will definitely be able to pick up snowboarding. You absolutely should do it with your kids! Hugs and love to you!

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