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Our One of a Kind, One In a Million Devin

It’s his 13th birthday today, so I’m writing this in honor of our son Devin — our one of a kind, one in a million Devin. Devin is my blog’s biggest fan. Some people would say that means my blog

I’ve Been Treated Like a Dummy Because I Don’t Want to Give My Kids Unnecessary Antibiotics

It was the spring of 2013 and my husband, Chris, and I were at Urgent Care with our 1 year-old daughter. She had started screaming inexplicably a little while earlier at a restaurant. Turns out, she had an ear infection.

Let the Wild Rumpus Start!

“I need a snake,” my two-year old daughter informed me. “I guess I better watch Aladdin.” I love how her brain works. “No, Lainey. Wesley’s doing a reading at his school mass today. We’re going to watch him. Let’s get

From Caca… to Fleming… to Edison

Our one year-old has been waking up covered in caca lately. I don’t know what the problem with his plumbing is, but the last few mornings have been full of poop wake up calls. (I’m sure when he gets older

He Who Must Not Be Named

So… my two year-old daughter, Lainey, is having a princess dress up/tea party luncheon tomorrow… and who does she want to be, but Mulan. I asked the person who works at Party City if they have a Mulan costume and

Dear Halloween Costume Company

Dear Halloween Costume Company, I thought Princess Leia would be a safe choice for me. As a mother of four, whose oldest is almost a teenager, I really don’t want to embarrass my kids, nor attract the attention of the

That Halloween We Partied Like It’s 2009

I love Halloween — the kids’ version — and usually get really into it… but haven’t had time to do much this year.  I just put the last of our Halloween decorations out today (I guess I’m kind of behind). 

Sweet October Moments and a VERY Scary Witch

Devin’s first football season came to an end this month and — as in many school sports — the end of the season included a fall banquet for the 7th graders. During the banquet, Devin’s name was announced and he prepared

Relax, Mama Bear!

Early October… My husband calls me a “stress case”. I can think of something no human being has ever worried about before and have an anxiety attack over it. I’m having one about remembering to pick up items for Devin’s

How To Rid Your House of Monsters…

Our 2 year-old daughter, Lainey, has an obsession with monsters. She’s convinced they’re real and running around our neighborhood, tells me they’re hiding behind the living room curtains, doesn’t want to go to sleep at night, and doesn’t want to