Lainey’s Prince Did Come… His Name Is Daddy

Pretty sure that a few years ago, my (then bachelor) husband had no idea just what he was in for… that soon he would be clipping butterflies and flowers into blonde hair and reading fairy tales… that he would know just how to construct a high ponytail and the words to the Disney Princess songs… that he would buy the more expensive bike at Target instead of the cheap, no frills bike because it has pink streamers, a pink princess carriage basket, and most importantly… “Punzel” (Rapunzel) is on it. He’s gotta have “Punzel”. Or rather… SHE does.

A few years ago, this man didn’t know just how much he could love a little person. Then along came Lainey…

A little girl melts her daddy’s heart.

Game over.

He doesn’t remember what the game even was…

Falling in love does that to a man.






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