What We Sport

Devin and Wesley goof around in their outerwear from Boulder Gear and Snow Dragons

No one has your back like your brother does… and no one annoys like him, either!


Wesley is harnessing the power of the force… CLEARLY…

3 comments on “What We Sport
  1. Kat Connor says:

    Hey Danielle! I enjoyed your blog. It’s so nice to see others out there with the same values. You were tough to find, and for this reason I wanted to share a blog from a Canadain website, I am finding to be really helpful with finding others to relate with. Please enjoy and pass on if you know of anyone who would be interested in it.
    Bettygohard is a Women’s Progressive Action Sports Community dedicated to inspiring women to get out and have fun!! Come play with Bettygohard – meet great people, get confidence and do great things!!! You are awesome – go celebrate.

    • danelle says:

      Hi Kat… thanks for sharing BettyGoHard with me… I will definitely have to get on there and meet some people. I’m happy you like my blog… I just started building it a few weeks ago and I’m almost ready to try to promote it… I’m curious how you found me? I hope you get to shred a lot this winter… you’re right when you say in your post that as moms, we get so much into mom mode that we forget about the things we used to love. I can totally relate! 🙂