I Love You, Food Piggy!

Most little kids have some sort of blanket or stuffed animal, or toy they love — their “security”. Security blanket, security teddy bear, security toy truck, etc…

My first two children had blankets and/or stuffed animals they HAD to have. Especially at bed time.

My only daughter (3rd child) has about 17 toys and animals she takes to bed with her every night. God help you if you don’t know which animals go where. You will not get her to sleep this century.

I knew my 4th child would no doubt have something he attached to as well, but I didn’t expect this…

Tristan — the one whom I call my “food piggy” — has security eating utensils. Wherever he goes, pretend silverware goes with him. He takes a spoon to bed. He crawls around the play room with a toy fork in a death grip. In the massive piles of kid paraphernalia throughout our home, he can always find his pretend utensils. Don’t try to take one from him — you will hear the scream of a banshee. His big sister has had her hair pulled more than once as she tried to move in on his plastic knife. About his stuffed toys and blanket, he cares naught. But put him to bed without the spoon, and you’ll have Ivan the Terrible on your hands.

I’ve tried to give him other things to love… Daddy’s childhood teddy bear… a blanket Mommy made… a soft, squishy baby book. But love is reserved for his eating utensils only. Finally, I gave up. My food piggy loves his meals, and if carrying around a fork, and sleeping with a spoon, makes him feel happy and safe… great! I wonder if he’ll take his fork to Kindergarten with him…

I love you, food piggy!

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