That Halloween We Partied Like It’s 2009

I love Halloween — the kids’ version — and usually get really into it… but haven’t had time to do much this year.  I just put the last of our Halloween decorations out today (I guess I’m kind of behind).  Sometimes I let our older boys have a Halloween party and I dress up along with the kids and make swamp juice (sprite and green Sherbert in a punch bowl with a floating plastic skull) and Halloween cupcakes — and I play “The Phantom of the Opera” song…

A few years ago (2009 to be exact) near Halloween, I was home alone with my children — Devin (7) and Wesley (3). Devin was sleeping in my bed because he’d had a nightmare. Around 4:30am, several car alarms on our street started going off. It woke me… but I thought it was my CD alarm clock going off so I (still half asleep) started hitting it in the dark. “The Phantom of the Opera” — which happened to be in the CD player — started blasting (think: loud scary organ music). Devin, who had slept through the car alarm noise, suddenly sat straight up in bed and yelled, “MOM! WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?!” then collapsed back onto the bed in sleep. Poor kid was already having nightmares… now The Phantom was coming after him. Meanwhile, I (presently fully awake) was trying to stop the scary music. The car alarms kept going off… which one would think should make a person hesitate to go outside — but not me! I stupidly ran out there in my pajamas waving my arms around. Not sure what I thought I was accomplishing since it wasn’t MY car alarm that was going off. But a few of my other neighbors were running outside freaking out, too, so the strength in numbers gave me the confidence I needed to stand in the street during a possible multiple car burglary. 

My next door neighbor — and very dear friend — Debra, owned one of the cars whose alarm was blaring. She was trying to shut it off with her keys from inside her house since she was wearing only a nightshirt, and didn’t want to attempt stopping said possible multiple car burglary while pantsless. Arriving outside — albeit a little later than the rest of us — she proceeded to tell me not to worry because she would get her gun if the situation called for it. Not sure if this made me feel better or worse. Debra cracked up laughing when I told her that, not only had the residents of my home been woken up by a fleet of car alarms, but I had accidentally scared Devin and I senseless with “The Phantom of the Opera” music.

By that time, all our neighbors were outside and most of the car alarms had been shut off — except for one dummy — I mean, upstanding citizen — who refused to come outside and turn his car alarm off. That particular alarm continued to go off for another half hour while everyone on the street glared murderously at the noisy automobile. I fantasized about throwing my scary organ music blasting CD player through his bedroom window.

You cannot make this stuff up. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! 


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